everything you need to know about your home septic system

everything you need to know about your home septic system

The Do's And Don'ts Of Having A Septic Tank

by Suzanne Wilson

If you have always lived in a home with a sewer system, moving to a house with a septic tank can involve making some changes to how you do things around the house. Septic systems are very effective at managing household waste, but they are more sensitive than sewer systems, and require different care and precautions if you want to avoid a smelly mess. Use the following tips to learn about the Do's and Don'ts of living with with a septic tank:

Don't Flush Items Down the Toilet

When you have a septic system, you have to be very mindful of what goes down the toilet. Avoid flushing baby wipes, paper towels, feminine hygiene products, and paper towels, as these items can cause damage to your septic tank. It is also a good idea to select your toilet paper carefully; your best bet is to purchase a brand that is marked as being safe for septic systems.

Do Conserve Water

The less waste water that enters your septic system, the better. Try to avoid frequent long showers and running the water while brushing teeth or washing dishes. It is best to only do laundry when you have a full load; you may also want to consider having the grey water from your washing machine diverted outdoors so it does not enter your septic tank.

Do Have Your Septic System Professionally Inspected and Pumped

Regular inspections by a professional will ensure that your septic system is working properly, and it will also give you an idea of how full your septic tank is. The last thing you want is for your septic tank to over flow- it can create a truly disgusting mess that is unsanitary and expensive to have cleaned up properly. The frequency in which your tank will need to be pumped will depend on its size and the number of people living in the home; your septic system inspector can tell you when you should schedule a septic tank pumping service. If you are planning to move into a house with a septic tank in the near future, make sure that you have the septic system fully inspected when the home inspection is conducted.

Don't Dispose of Household Chemicals Down Your Drains

Septic systems rely on having a precise balance of bacteria to help break down waste and keep the system functioning properly. Adding common household chemicals to the system can upset the balance and cause serious problems. Try your best to avoid having all-purpose cleaners, bleach, or other types of detergents go down the drain of your sinks.


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everything you need to know about your home septic system

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