everything you need to know about your home septic system

everything you need to know about your home septic system

3 Common Modern Appliances And Your Septic System

by Suzanne Wilson

Many homeowners go about their business using their garbage disposals, washing machines and water softeners without so much as an inkling that they could be doing serious harm to their septic tank. If you have any of these appliances in your home, here's a look at how they can be wreaking havoc on your septic tank. But there's no need to stop using these appliances; by making some simple modifications, you can still enjoy using these appliances without worrying about putting strain on your septic system.

Garbage Disposals

When you're cooking or cleaning up the dishes, wiping scraps of food into your sink's drain and flipping on the switch for the garbage disposal is definitely convenience; however, every time you flip on that switch, you could be doing serious damage to your septic tank. You see, the waste and water that is put into a garbage disposal is sent directly to your septic tank. That waste and water can add excessive strain on your septic tank, eventually leading to an overflow.

In order to avoid issues, make sure that you run cold water down the drain before flipping the switch on your garbage disposal. Certain foods aren't thoroughly broken down by a garbage disposal, which means that they will put excessive strain on the appliance. Avoid putting problematic foods down your garbage disposal, like fibrous foods and grease and you'll reduce the strain on the appliance.

Water Softeners

If you have hard water, stains on your clothing, rust in your toilet and sinks and the inefficient production of lather are all things that are probably plaguing you. The addition of a water softener can alleviate your hard water woes; however, there is some evidence that suggests that the salts that are used in water softeners can be detrimental to a septic system. The bacteria that work to break down the waste in a septic system don't break down these salts.

You can have soft water and avoid issues with your septic tank by minimizing the amount of salt you use in this appliance.

Washing Machines

The water used in a washing machine can cause issues with your septic system as the water is flushed directly to the septic tank. The detergents you use in your washing machine can directly impact your septic tank, as the system may not be able to break down the detergents, thus causing an overflow.

Avoid issues by foregoing powdered detergents and instead using liquid ones, as powdered detergents are difficult to break down and can clog up the system.

You don't have to sacrifice convenience in order to avoid issues with your septic system. Be mindful of how you use these appliances and you can have convenience and avoid septic tank woes. Go to site for more information.


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everything you need to know about your home septic system

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