everything you need to know about your home septic system

everything you need to know about your home septic system

3 Instrumental Maintenance Steps For Septic Tank Owners

by Suzanne Wilson

If you live in a rural area, chances are your property is equipped with a septic tank. It's there to help you safely dispose of waste and wastewater. So that you don't have it breaking down on a regular basis, you need to execute the following care steps. 

1. Watch What You Flush Down the Toilet

A sure-fire way of clogging your septic tank is flushing the wrong items down your toilets. There are an abundance of items that should never be flushed, including paper towels, diapers, floss, makeup, household chemicals, cigarettes, cat litter, and pharmaceuticals. 

Probably the safest bet for ensuring you don't flood or damage your septic tank is to only flush toilet paper. You might even consider placing a do-not flush item list above the toilet so everyone in your household doesn't make any costly flushing mistakes.

2. Be Smart With Water Consumption 

Septic tanks don't just hold limitless amounts of water and waste. They are only a certain size and can therefore only hold a certain amount of water and waste at a time. For this reason, you need to be very smart with your household's water consumption.

To avoid flooding, there are certain water conservation strategies you should implement. For example, limit the number of times you flush per day. Only do so when necessary so that your septic tank doesn't back up. You might even consider setting up low-flow toilets in your home. Therefore, if you do have to flush more often than normal, you're at least not using a lot of water each time. 

3. Have the Tank Professionally Cleaned 

As mentioned earlier, your septic tank can only hold a certain amount of liquids and waste. At some point, it will need to be professionally cleaned. If you're not sure where your waste levels are in your tank, go ahead and contact a septic tank cleaning company.

Professionals will come out and inspect your tank lines. If they've passed the recommended height, the company can clean your entire septic tank. All of the liquids and waste will be sent through a pump into a commercial truck, which will transport these materials away from your property. Thanks to these companies, you never have to worry about your septic tank overflowing unexpectedly. 

When your property utilizes a septic tank, it's part of your responsibility as a homeowner to take good care of it over the years. As long as you stay proactive and get help from the right professionals, septic tank maintenance will be easy to manage.  


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everything you need to know about your home septic system

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