everything you need to know about your home septic system

everything you need to know about your home septic system

Benefits Of Portable Shower Services For Overnight Outdoor Events

by Suzanne Wilson

If one of the events you plan each year is an overnight, outdoor event, there are certain services you want in place. This is especially true if you have events that will last longer than a day and night. One of those services is a portable shower service. If you are not sure how this type of service would benefit you, here are a few of the benefits to consider.

Additional Shower Facilities

You may have an event at a campsite that already has showers. The issue is, these showers may be few in number. If you are hosting a big event, you could be facing hot water limitations and other bathroom related issues. With portable shower services, you can offer extended onsite shower facilities to your guests. This will ensure everyone has the chance to shower, and will offer you the ability to have emergency shower facilities during the day for children or for people who may need the service.

Family Accommodations

Families tend to go to overnight outdoor events that have suitable services for their needs. If there aren't enough safe showers, restrooms, or similar facilities they will likely stay at different lodging. This can cause you to have reduced event sales and can hinder many people from attending. By having portable shower services, you are offering a service that most families look for which increases your chances of having their business at your next event. Many families will also use word of mouth advertising, which is free for your events, to tell other families who may book for your upcoming event roster.

Handicapped Options

One of the drawbacks to using onsite shower facilities, or to having an event that does not have shower facilities, is the lack of handicapped accessible options. There are many people who need to have some sort of handicapped accessible option, such as ramps or hold bars in the showers. You can rent portable shower services that have these options to accommodate guests with handicapped issues.

If you decide that portable shower services will benefit your next overnight outdoor event, contact your local dealer. A company like AAA Pumping Service can help with rentals, the best options for your needs, and with questions you have about the shower styles and options, including those that will best suit your guests with special needs. They can also clear up issues with delivery or if you need further assistance for other upcoming events. 


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everything you need to know about your home septic system

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