everything you need to know about your home septic system

everything you need to know about your home septic system

3 Ways To Improve Portable Restrooms In Adverse Weather

by Suzanne Wilson

Portable restrooms are often associated with summer concerts and festivals. While these are certainly events where a portable toilet can prove beneficial, many fall and winter events could benefit from access to portable restroom facilities as well.

Using portable toilets in adverse weather could create an unpleasant experience for your event attendees. You must be prepared to combat common portable restroom problems to prevent weather from rendering your toilets useless.

1. Select a Protected Location

The location where you place your portable restrooms can have a direct impact on the overall comfort of each unit.

If it's possible to place your units under a pavilion, you should do so. You want your portable restrooms to be on a flat, permeable surface to ensure stability.

If no covered areas are available, be sure that you stake your portable restrooms firmly to the ground. This will prevent strong wind gusts from toppling your portable toilets while they are in use.

2. Use Drainage Mats

Most portable restroom units are made from plastic materials. This means that the interior of a portable toilet booth can become very slippery when the floor gets wet.

It's important that you try to minimize the amount of snow, ice, or mud that gets tracked into each portable toilet booth during your event. Installing drainage mats can help you accomplish this goal.

A drainage mat is essentially a step platform made of mesh materials. The toilet booth is placed on top of this platform, and event attendees must walk across it to access the facilities.

The risk of having an event attendee slip and fall inside of a portable restroom is minimized when you use drainage mats.

3. Rent Heated Toilets

Many portable restroom providers can offer you access to heated toilets.

A heated toilet can significantly improve your portable restrooms in adverse weather. Not only will the heat source help to keep the restroom at a comfortable temperature, it can actually help cut down on smell as well.

The heat keeps air circulating throughout the toilet booth and helps to dry out the interior of the toilet. Heated toilets are also less likely to freeze up when outdoor temperatures drop, ensuring that your event attendees will have access to functional toilets at all times.

Many factors should be considered when investing in portable restroom rentals. If you expect adverse weather during your event, be sure that you are renting the right units to offer your guests a pleasant potty experience.


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everything you need to know about your home septic system

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