everything you need to know about your home septic system

everything you need to know about your home septic system

Portable Hand Washing Stations Provide Water And Soap When Plumbing Isn't Available

by Suzanne Wilson

Hand washing is an important defense against the spread of diseases and infections. Making it easy for your customers, students, employees, or guests to have access to hand washing supplies is important, but hard to do if your event is in an area where plumbing is not available. A good alternative is to rent a portable hand washing station. Here's how they work.

Supplies Water And Soap

Portable hand washing stations can provide soap, water, and paper towels all in one convenient sink. The station can look like a traditional sink or be shaped like a large plastic post. When you rent a portable sink, anticipate the number of times it will be used so you rent the right size.

Portable sinks also have a water reservoir in them so they don't have to be connected to a hose. They also have a reservoir that collects drain water. You rent a sink based on the size of the reservoirs. Small ones might provide a few hundred uses while large ones provide several hundred washes and even have multiple faucets.

They are also usually operated by a foot lever so they are more sanitary. They come with a soap dispenser built-in and a paper towel dispenser. Everything needed for thorough hand washing is contained in a compact unit you can place where it's needed, even in a field where there is no plumbing or electricity.

Meets Regulations And Codes

Before renting a sink, learn about regulations that might pertain to your business. A handwashing station at a place that serves food, at a construction site, or near portable toilets might be required to supply hot and cold water as well as paper towels and a trash bin.

For instance, OSHA regulations and local health board codes might prohibit you from relying solely on a hand sanitizer station, and require the ability to wash hands with water instead. The water may even need to be heated, and you can rent portable hand washing stations that have a heating element to supply warm water.

Codes might even state how many sinks you need for the number of employees you have or for the number of people expected at your event. You can even rent sinks built low to the ground for use at a school or daycare so kids can wash their hands outdoors where plumbing may not be available.

A portable hand washing station is almost the same thing as having another traditional sink, except you'll need to fill and empty water regularly to keep it in operation. Talk to the sink rental company about the type of sink you need for your situation and the number you should rent so you comply with codes and so your employees, customers, students, or guests have the ability to stay clean and sanitary.


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everything you need to know about your home septic system

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